Tents and Awnings Sale

Our company produces tents, hangars, mobile structures and has a rich experience in manufacturing tent architecture. Producing and developing exclusive structures of any type and purpose:

  • Dome tents
  • Exclusive membrane structures
  • Hangars
  • Mobile tent structures
  • Tents for restaurants
  • Prefabricated hangars
  • Street coffee shops.

The reason for a wide tent types variety is decades of the RoyalTent experience at the tent architecture market.

Shades manufacturer

Our main activity is manufacturing tents, hangars and we take it very seriously. But our company also offers for its customers ready solutions of tent structures for both of rental and sale purposes.

Our company has state-of-art equipment which helps us to produce pavilions, tents and tented hangars of any complexity and provide high quality assembly.

  • Installation at any preselected place
  • Frames enable installation of side walls and ligh fitting
  • Requires care and supervision for winter season or dismantling purposes
  • Standalone architectonic unit
  • Wide selection of shapes and architectonic solutions
  • Advantage over standard solutions based on polycarbonate and metal
Manufacturing of tents in UAE is our priority business activity. We comply with world quality standards, therefore products purchased from us meet the highest consumer requests.

Made in UAE

All of our products are created by highly experienced and qualified specialists. For over 10 years our company has been helping to erect quickly structures for different purposes. UAE tents, which you can buy from our company, are used often for street coffee shops, hangars and for other purposes. High quality materials and reliable technologies guarantee items durability and a presentable appearance.

Our company provides for our clients to quickly and easily erect a required structure using one of our tents. They have been widely used by different catering businesses. They are widely demanded because of convenient operation, nice look and reliability.

Tents Manufacturing

This is a quick and easy way to erect a required structure. We manufacture tents for restaurants, spherical tents, different tent structures. It is a standalone architectonic unit that does not require any additions. 

Upon installation it can be fully used for your purposes. Tents are made of high quality materials creating comfortable stay for visitors. Tents used as mobile storage preserve products in popper conditions. Tents are made of modern materials composed to protect the structure from harmful environmental factors. We use state-of-art technologies to manufacture world-class tents.

Tents Manufacturing

Our tents and pavilions have significantly facilitated activities of many businessmen and owners from various industries. Use of these products enables quick erection of required structures suitable both for accommodating people or storing products and equipment. 

Thanks to out experienced designers we can offer a wide range of tents and pavilions of different dimensions and parameters. Environmentally friendly materials we use for manufacturing our products make our products safe for people and harmless for raw materials, equipment, etc.

Here you can choose and place an order to acquire a tent of the following types: Transformers outdoor tents, arched tents, cascading tents, spherical structures, classical tents and Customized structures - exclusive.

If you would like to buy a tent or awning, please feel free to contact us on: +971 7 243-35-77, or send us an E-mail to: info@royaltent.me

Arch tents are of eye-catching design and can be used for festive events, weddings, corporate parties, exhibitions. We produce arch tents of any capacity.
Dome tents provide a perfectly enclosed area. A completely transparent dome is an option. Rugged aluminum structure, optimal for long-term usage.
Exclusive tents have unique appearance that will bright up the peculiar features of your event. We offer you awnings and tents of any architectural form. These light temporary structures can be installed in several minutes at any required place.
Thanks to the wooden structure made of glued beams and covered with a canopy of high-quality French fabric, "ECO LINE" tents look stylish and expensive, and due to the unique simple fasteners, they are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble.

Catalog of marquees with prices

How to order a tent in UAE?

RoyalTent company with its own production gives you the opportunity at favorable prices to buy prefabricated high quality tent structures, which have the following advantages:

  • Strength and long-term stability.
  • Attractive and modern style.
  • Quality materials and reliable stitches.
  • Water repellent impregnation.
  • Fire Protection (For example Tarpaulin).
  • Safety for health and environment.
  • Printing services (if required).
  • Different sizes.
  • Extra options (if required).
  • Affordable price for all products.

We use the best, strong and high-quality materials for the manufacture of tents. And as a part of our work, we continuously work on improving the quality of our products as well as manufacturing technology. One of the main features of our products is that they have a special water-repellent layer, which is indestructible.

The luxury tent frame consists of different tubes selected for better strength and stability of the entire structure, as well as to protect the tissue from any damage that could be happened during metal friction. 

Buying awnings and tents at price from manufacturer

Large tents (size from 100 square meters) are the most popular tents which can accommodate a large number of people or products. And to assembly it we use gable structure. They are very reliable and durable, and most of all, that they do not lose their qualities in case of you want to increase its size.

It is also important to note that the price of a square meter of a large tent is substantially lower than smaller one. And in case of you do not know the size you need; we will gladly manufacture this product on your request.

In case of you decide to buy a large tent from RoyalTent Company; you will enjoy the advantage of having reliable and durable gable structures, anti-UV canvas, which is in conformity with the fire safety standards M2. 

  • Large tents have the following features:
  • Carcass material - Aluminum;
  • Carcass fastening - Steel;
  • Walls and roof - PVC density from 630 grams per square meter;
  • Fire resistance in accordance with DIN4102 / B1 / M2;
  • The maximum wind load is 80 km / h

How to place an order

Within 2 hours after placing an order to purchase a tent, the customer receives detailed commercial proposal. On the same day our manager visits the project site to check everything, set time frames and specify order fulfillment period. After that, we establish 3D visualization and clear detailed specification of the project. Depending on the availability of the products, delivery time may change.

You might personally come to our office in Ras Al Khaima, or we can come to your office or we can arrange for a meeting at the planned location of the tent construction. The customer can pay for our services by either cash or bank transfer.

There are various options of prepayment: 50% pre-production, 40% before shipment and 10% after receiving or setting up the structure.

In certain cases, we can accept the full payment after shipping the order; everything is discussed individually with each customer.

Delivery, Pickup and Installation

We deliver the purchased tent to the client's location and we assemble the structure. We also provide pickup services of tent constructions for customers, who wish to ship the tents at own expense from our production base in Ras Al Khaimah. Also, it should be noted that, freight transport has to comply with the set of strict requirements for loading operations.

It’s not difficult and it will not take a lot of time to install tents and awnings, so the construction can be built by the customer himself. We also provide the necessary guidance for instruments and technologies..

How to take care of tents

Providing for sale tents and awning structures, our company pays special attention to product care during the operation. In order to enhance products life period, it is necessary to follow the following instructions:

  • Tent cloths should not interact with metal, and for this we recommend to use a substrate.
  • Clean the tent with soft brushes and fabrics without using any detergents.
  • Equipment on the street should be wrapped up by a stretch tape.
  • Tent fabric should be stored in rolls.
  • And to avoid any damage that could be happened, you need to inspect the awning structure every day.
  • Keep the equipment in a dry room.

The standard warranty for all tents and awning structures is 1 year. We offer extended warranty options under special terms and conditions at the stage of contract signing. All products are certified.

The purpose of our company is to offer a wide range of services and solutions with a high quality service.