Formula 1 Jeddah 2023

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Architectural Innovation in Safety

The Formula 1 event in Jeddah became an architectural marvel, seamlessly integrating a collection of premium tent structures to create an immersive experience for visitors. This exceptional setup featured high-end tents such as the 10x10 Arch and the expansive 5x20 Mega Gate, each strategically positioned to facilitate both security and interactive fan experiences. The 5x10 Arch tents were utilized as key PSA (Public Safety Announcement) stands, reinforcing the event's emphasis on visitor safety and information dissemination. This thoughtful combination of structure and purpose contributed to a remarkable spectacle on Saudi Arabia's premier motorsport calendar. The strategic placement of these architectural elements across the Formula 1 venue in Jeddah transformed the space into a dynamic hub of activity. The larger 10x10 Arch tents acted as versatile PSA stands, providing a spacious area for safety briefings and public information.

Meanwhile, the expansive 5x20 Mega Gate ensured efficient crowd management and security, streamlining the flow of visitors throughout the venue. The smaller 5x10 Arch tents offered additional PSA points, ensuring all attendees had access to essential information. The design and execution of the tent structures were meticulous, with every element serving a dual purpose: enhancing the visitor experience while upholding safety standards. This thoughtful approach set a new benchmark for event infrastructure in the realm of Formula 1 racing. The Jeddah Grand Prix demonstrated the power of architectural innovation and careful planning, leaving attendees with a memorable impression and setting the stage for future events in the region.

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The Pinnacle of Safety and Style for PSA Tents

Royal Tent's luxury tent structures in the UAE offer the perfect blend of safety and sophistication, making them ideal for use as PSA tents during high-profile events. The robust steel frame ensures unwavering structural integrity, providing a secure environment for all your equipment and personnel. This attention to both safety and aesthetics is what sets Royal Tent apart.

Vibrant Tent Structures

The tent structures, with their bold and vibrant fabric colors, served as striking visual markers for PSA security zones, transforming the event space into a well-organized, secure environment. The high-quality construction of these tents, along with distinctive branding and specialized lighting, helped to delineate different security areas, ensuring smooth navigation for both event staff and attendees. This strategic arrangement contributed to a heightened sense of safety while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the venue.

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Striking PSA Tents Set the Tone

As the first point of contact for fans at any major event, the Public Safety Announcement (PSA) zone sets the tone for the entire experience. Our temporary structures, designed with Formula 1's 400-million-strong global viewership in mind, provide the perfect backdrop to capture the attention of thousands of fans right from the start. With customizable branding options and distinctive design features, our tents create a powerful impression that resonates throughout the event, signaling an exceptional experience ahead.

Captivating PSA Structures

Formula 1's enormous global audience was captivated by our temporary structures, which played a key role in creating a dynamic PSA (Public Safety Announcement) zone at the event. Through innovative branding and unique design elements, our clients were able to attract the attention of thousands, ensuring that safety and information dissemination were both effective and visually engaging.

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