Polygon Tents

Technical Specification:

Color: White, Customized

Dimensions: from 25 m² to 10000 m²

Arch Material: PVC materials
Construction Material: Galvanized steel wire, Hot zinc
Surface Material: Carpet, Wooden
Capacity: from 12 to 255
Rent Price: per request
Sale Price: per request

Product desription:

Polygon tents are innovative and eye-catching, offering a refreshing departure from traditional tent designs. With their unique geometric shape, these tents stand out at any event, providing a modern and stylish atmosphere. The angular structure not only adds a contemporary touch but also maximizes interior space, creating a comfortable environment for various occasions.

Последние отзывы:


I couldn't be more delighted with the RoyalTent team's professionalism and craftsmanship. From start to finish, they handled every detail with care and expertise. Their attention to detail ensured a flawless execution of our event space, making it both functional and stunning. Highly recommend!


Choosing RoyalTent was the best decision we made for our outdoor event. Their team not only provided us with a beautifully crafted tent but also offered invaluable advice on layout and decor. They were attentive, accommodating, and the tent itself was of impeccable quality. Thank you for making our event memorable!

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