Arch Tents

Technical Specification:

Color: White, Customized

Dimensions: from 25 m² to 10000 m²

Arch Material: PVC materials
Construction Material: Galvanized steel wire, Hot zinc
Surface Material: Carpet, Wooden
Capacity: from 12 to 255
Rent Price: per request
Sale Price: per request

Product desription:

Experience the perfect blend of durability, safety, and style with our Arch Tent. Whether you're planning events in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, this tent is designed for all seasons. Elevate your gatherings and celebrations with our Arch Tent, your ideal choice for any event, any time of the year.

Последние отзывы:

Hani Al-Farsi:

The Arch Tent from Royal Tent was an absolute showstopper at our corporate event. Its sleek design and spacious interior created the perfect setting. The setup team was punctual and professional, ensuring everything was in place well before the event began. The tent provided excellent shelter and looked stunning. Fantastic service!

David Brown:

We couldn't be happier with the Arch Tent we rented from Royal Tent. The quality of the materials and the overall construction were top-notch. The tent provided a beautiful, open space that was perfect for our event. The team at Royal Tent was friendly and efficient, making the setup and takedown quick and easy. Outstanding experience!

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