Curve Tents

Technical Specification:

Color: White, Customized

Dimensions: from 25 m² to 10000 m²

Arch Material: PVC materials
Construction Material: Galvanized steel wire, Hot zinc
Surface Material: Carpet, Wooden
Capacity: from 12 to 255
Rent Price: per request
Sale Price: per request

Product desription:

Discover the ideal balance of durability, safety, and sophistication with our Curve Tents. Whether you're hosting a lavish celebration, a corporate event, or an intimate gathering, these tents infuse a distinctive and welcoming ambiance into any occasion. Opt for our Curve Tents as your premium shelter solution, guaranteeing your events are memorable and leave a lasting impact.

Последние отзывы:

Saeed Al-Farsi:

Our festival was a grand success, thanks to RoyalTent. The tents were not only visually appealing but also extremely durable. The team worked tirelessly to ensure everything was perfect, and their attention to detail was remarkable. They truly went above and beyond to accommodate our requirements. A big thank you to the entire team!


Hosting a meeting under a RoyalTent structure was a unique and delightful experience. The tent provided a comfortable and elegant environment, enhancing the overall ambiance of our event. Will definitely use them again!

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