Wooden Tents

Wooden tent 8x8

Area: 64 m²

Capacity: 32 persons

Dimensions: 8×8 m

Wooden tent 10x10

Area: 100 m²

Capacity: 50 persons

Dimensions: 10×10 m

Wooden tent WOOD 6x6

Area: 36 m²

Capacity: 18 persons

Dimensions: 6×6 m

Wooden tent WOOD 12x12

Area: 144 m²

Capacity: 72 persons

Dimensions: 12×12 m

Wooden tents resemble Nature and Environment friendly atmosphere. They look really great and have a very organic looking structural geometry. There are so many applications where they can be used from high-end event space to restaurants and lobbies or hotel rooms in a luxury resort.

In our modern era of composite materials and space travel, wood is becoming a luxury and associates with relaxation and mind balance.

These tents can also be connected together as modules, forming a unique shape.

Depending of the specs of the structure frame and PVC, warranty ranges from 3 to 15 years.