Dome D30

Technical specification:
Dome D30
706 m²
255 persons
30×30 m
30 m
30 m
Maximum height
15 m
On request
Buy Dome D30 from «On request» area of 706 m² and a capacity of up to 255 persons from the manufacturer. Tent size 30×30 m. We provide delivery and installation of tent structures. There is a warranty!

The rapidly assembled geodesic Dome tent D30 is a structure based on a metal frame covered with PVC and is designed for year-round use (temporary or permanent).

Fixing Foundation anchor bolts are carried out to a predetermined foundations or concrete surface. The membrane is made of PVC material and processed by special means, making her fire-and pagoda-stable. Fabric complies with international standards of fire resistance (in France-M1 and M2, in Germany-B1). 

Structure is designed to stand against wind stream at speeds of up to 26 m/s. Tent service life 10 years. 

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