High Quality Tents and Awnings Sale

Our company designs, fabricates and installs temporary structures, tents and exclusive tensile shades. During the last 12 years we have engineered several tent systems, including Arch Tent series, and installed multiple exclusive tensile architecture projects, as temporary structures and as permanent tensile architecture solutions.

Our structures are used for many purposes including:

  • Live events, public events and other event rentals
  • Restaurant and cafeteria extensions, for both seasonal and all year operations
  • Wedding and multipurpose event halls
  • Hotels, parks and recreation facilities shades
  • Sport facilities covered and shaded areas etc.

Design and structural engineering of any project is done using the latest fabrication technologies and engineering software, which results in precise execution and highest levels of safety and reliability. We provide structural warranty up to 25 years.

Arch Tents
Arch Tents
Geodesic Domes
Geodesic Domes
Cascade tents
Cascade Tents
Exclusive tents
Cascade Tents
Wooden Tents
Wooden Tents

Made in UAE

In 2018 we opened full cycle manufacturing facility in the UAE, and most of our products are made here. Fabrication in the UAE ensures that we have the shortest lead time for any urgent enquiry.

Buying shades and tents directly from the manufacturer

We use the best, the strongest, and the most durable PVC with up to 15 years warranty against UV degradation. It has special PVDF coating that protects from UV, heat and sand and increases life time and a good look of the tent for years.

Majority of our structures have steel frame, which provides extra stability and safety against wind load (up to 126km per hour) and very high weight load capability.

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Our main product and service advantages

  • Safety
  • Strength and durability with long life cycle
  • Attractive, modern and exclusive design
  • Quality materials and quality fabrication technique
  • Safety for health and environment
  • Extreme Wind resistance
  • UV Resistant, Water resistant, Dust and Sand resistant
  • Unique Branding and Printing options
  • Wide range of sizes and Modularity
  • Customisation
  • Great Value for Money

Get in touch and we will make a customized 3D render for you and show how beautiful the structure will look on your site.

We Guarantee, that the 3D image will match with reality 100%, or we refund the money!

Tent elements

Here are the main parts and elements of the tent explained on one of our most beautiful arch tent structures Arch Hexa 260sqm with the side arch width of 10m.


  1. Metal frame
  2. Tent roof
  3. Base plate
  4. Solid/branded PVC wall
  5. Branded Crescent
  6. Solid transparent PVC wall
  7. Central reinforced Beam
  8. Transparent curtains wall
  9. Sliding curtains from the side
  10. Corner bar
  11. Stainless steel plates
  12. Tightening turnbuckle
  13. Tightening turnbuckle
  14. Tightening tie down straps
  15. Tent Lacing
  16. Carpet with floor base
  17. Reinforced metal eyelets