PCR Screening Centre

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PCR Screening Centers for COVID-19

In response to the pressing needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the establishment of efficient PCR Screening Centers has emerged as a critical strategy in the fight against the virus. Recognizing the urgency of prompt disease identification for facilitating easier recovery, our collaboration with UNILABS has resulted in the construction of multiple state-of-the-art Screening Centers. Central to our approach is the innovative Arch design, meticulously crafted to facilitate swift car access for rapid testing, thus ensuring optimal efficiency in disease detection and management.

At the heart of these Screening Centers lies our spacious Arch Square structure, meticulously designed to accommodate multiple smaller medical tents. These tents are equipped with comfortable AC systems, meticulously tailored to prioritize the well-being and comfort of both staff and customers during the testing process. This approach not only streamlines the testing procedure but also fosters a conducive environment for effective disease management and containment. Together with UNILABS, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide timely and reliable testing solutions, ensuring a safer and healthier future for all.

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PCR Drive Centers

Our partnership led to the creation of efficient PCR Drive Through Centers. These cutting-edge facilities feature innovative Arch designs, strategically crafted to expedite car access and prioritize swift testing services. Within the spacious Arch Square structures, smaller medical tents equipped with top-of-the-line AC systems guarantee maximum comfort for both staff and patrons. Furthermore, branded elements serve to amplify visibility and instill a heightened sense of security, fostering a welcoming environment for all.

Branded Screening Centers

Amidst the pandemic's challenges, our PCR Screening Centers, developed in collaboration with UNILABS, prioritize disease identification. With an Arch design facilitating fast testing, these centers ensure efficiency. Branded crescents, walls, and stickers not only enhance visibility but also protect against heat, creating a comfortable environment for staff and customers during testing.

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Classy PCR Pavilions

Our PCR Screening Tents, crafted in partnership with UNILABS, embody quality and elegance. Stretched PVC roofs and branded elements create a unique appearance, fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Equipped with lighting and essential amenities, we aimed our tents to prioritize functionality. Our commitment extends beyond tent rental, aiming to support communities during challenging times.

Community Health with PCR

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, timely testing has a significant impact on community health. Our partnership with UNILABS resulted in the creation of efficient PCR Screening Centers. With a focus on comfort and efficiency, these centers ensure rapid testing while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Branded elements enhance visibility and protection, underscoring our commitment to community well-being during these challenging times.

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