Formula E 2024

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Architectural Excellence

The Formula E event in Riyadh unveiled an unparalleled spectacle, transforming the venue into a vibrant tapestry of architectural innovation with the deployment of a variety of premium tent structures. The intricate design and planning involved the careful selection of high-end tents like the 10x10 Arch Dune and the 5x5 Arch Dune, each meticulously placed to enhance the visitor experience. This harmonious blend of creativity and precision set the stage for one of the most captivating projects in Saudi Arabia's motorsport calendar. Throughout the Formula E venue, each arch structure was thoughtfully integrated, becoming a platform for unique branding and interactive experiences.

The 3x3 Arch tents were strategically positioned, adding a touch of personalization and versatility to the event's layout. The larger 10x10 Arch Dune served as a focal point, drawing visitors into its spacious interior, while the 5x5 Arch Dune offered a balance of style and functionality. The resulting arrangement of these structures exemplified the commitment to architectural excellence and innovation, establishing a new standard for event infrastructure in the realm of electric racing. The Formula E project in Riyadh demonstrated a remarkable synergy between design and execution, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

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Innovative Design

Our meticulously crafted tent structures for Formula E in Riyadh redefined the racing experience and event aesthetics, blending functionality with striking visuals, and creating iconic landmarks that enhanced the high-energy atmosphere with their innovative 3x3 Arch, 5x5 Arch Dune, and 10x10 Arch Dune designs.

A Perfect Partnership

Royal Tent forged an exceptional partnership with Formula E, crafting a stunning event environment that epitomized the spirit of electric racing. Our collaboration brought together Royal Tent's expertise in innovative event structures and Formula E's commitment to cutting-edge electric vehicle technology, resulting in a vibrant and engaging space.

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Transforming with MICE Tents

Our tent structures bring a unique MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) feel to the Formula E environment, transforming the race day experience into a dynamic and versatile space for networking and business engagement. The spacious interiors of our tents offer a flexible setting, ideal for corporate hospitality, team gatherings, and sponsor showcases.

Innovation and Sustainability

Our innovative tents, combined with the groundbreaking advancements in electric racing like Formula E, create the perfect environment for a thrilling and sustainable event experience. Our tent structures, designed with cutting-edge materials and a focus on versatility, seamlessly align with the spirit of innovation that drives Formula E.

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