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Transforming Trafalgar

Our initiative proposes a transformative approach to a prominent public space, aiming to inject vibrancy and functionality into its core. Located at the heart of a bustling urban center, this project reimagines the landscape with a fusion of creativity, sustainability, and cultural enrichment. By integrating innovative urban design elements, we seek to create an inclusive environment that appeals to both residents and visitors.

Central to our vision are interactive installations and green spaces, carefully curated to foster engagement and relaxation. Alongside these features, our Arch Dune 10x10 construction will go beyond conventional architectural concepts, serving as a striking focal point and an emblem of forward-thinking design. Through strategic placement and thoughtful design, we aim to invigorate the area, encouraging exploration and interaction among diverse demographics. This revitalization effort aims to breathe new life into the square, transforming it into a dynamic hub that reflects the spirit of the community. Embracing art, culture, and sustainability, our project aims to transcend mere aesthetics, serving as a catalyst for social cohesion and environmental stewardship.

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Hospitality and Training

Experience the epitome of athlete-centric luxury in the heart of London with RoyalTent's partnership with Provision. Indulge in the finest accommodations within RoyalTent's luxury tents, paired seamlessly with Provision's world-class training facilities and expert coaching. Elevate your performance and comfort simultaneously, as this collaboration sets a new benchmark for unparalleled hospitality and top-tier training experiences tailored specifically for athletes.

Marathon Retreat

A journey of unparalleled luxury and athletic excellence in central London through the exclusive collaboration of RoyalTent and Provision. Delight in the opulent accommodations provided by RoyalTent, seamlessly paired with access to Provision's elite training facilities and personalized coaching. Elevate your athletic prowess and revel in unmatched comfort, heralding a new era of athlete-centric experiences in the heart of the city.

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Marathon Oasis

Trafalgar Square transforms into a sanctuary for marathon participants with our project's lounge zone. Here, athletes find solace and support, equipped with amenities to aid their journey. Meanwhile, the presents of merchandise, allowing spectators to engage with the marathon's spirit and take home lasting memories of the event.

Race Retreat

Our project in Trafalgar Square elevates the marathon experience with a dedicated lounge zone for participants. Offering comfort and convenience, it serves as a vital pitstop during the race. Meanwhile, the showcases merchandise, providing spectators with opportunities to commemorate the event and show their support for the athletes.

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