Arch Tent ARCH GATE RT30/10/3

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Technical specification:

Area: 30 m²
Capacity: 15 persons
Dimensions: 10x3 m
Shape:  Rectangle

Rent arch Tent ARCH GATE RT30/10/3 from 1050 $ area of 30 m² and a capacity of up to 15 persons from the manufacturer. Tent size 10x3 m. The form:Rectangle. We provide delivery and installation of tent structures. There is a warranty!

Price: 1050$
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NameArch Tent ARCH GATE RT30/10/3
Area30 m²
Length m
Width3 m
Width of arches10 m
Height of entrance arch4.5 m
Height in a ridge4.5 m
Weight of structure690kg
Load on the support heel172 kg
Wind load24 m / s
Maximum load of the suspension on the arch30 kg/l.m.
The clothArchitectural PVC
Fire Safety ClassM2, G1
Framegalvanized iron
Стена ПВХ ПолумесяцPVC wall "Crescent" 1 pc.Enabled
Стена ПВХ Сплошная цвет - белыйPVC wall "Solid" color - white 3 pcs.Enabled
PVC wall "Solid" color - transparent 1 pc.51 $
PVC Wall "Sliding" color - white 1 pc.Enabled
PVC Wall "Sliding" color - transparent 1 pc.51 $
Double door (given the sidebar)305 $
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