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At present it has become very popular to arrange different exhibitions in the open air. This is because such exhibitions can save on premises rent which are very high today. It is easier to demonstrate or sell something in the open air what is more beneficial for exhibitors and fair participants.

It is required to create a reliable and resistant cover over exhibits and goods to protect them from different weather conditions. The most convenient and proven option is exhibition pavilions. This can be explained by the fact that such tents have a simple and reliable construction. It is worthwhile saying that the tent is constructed to provide a high level of reliability what makes it resistant to mechanical damage and severe weather conditions. A well-reasoned advantage of the tent is easy installation, since assembly of its structure is intuitive for most people. This means that you can save money and do not hire specialists.

Today you can buy an exhibition tent easily, since a lot of companies manufacture and sell tents. There are also special enterprises manufacturing customized tents. This means you can have an un-sized tent manufactured, that is by the Customer’s size.

The tented pavilion of special shape creates an effect of small premises and it is quite popular with exhibitions. Such pavilions are quite robust and can be used in winter time.

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