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You can buy market Tents of different shapes and sizes to arrange a sales outlet at fairs or any other public events. The tent can be painted practically any color and have an attractive inscription or image made on it.

Fair tents are used to sell any products at the street in souk, market and bazaar and have a number of unmatched advantages. They are very compact, mobile, easy to disassemble, assemble and transport. These facilities are popular with vendors of popular goods. 

The range of retail equipment is wide enough to easily choose an optimal required option.

The Retail Tent for Weekend Fairs

Modular tents are suitable for regular or inter seasonal trade at market places in the course of fairs. The retail tent can be bought to accommodate effective promotions in comfort. 

This retail equipment will be a useful purchase for different public events, celebrations when city streets are flooded with consumers. Durable, compact, mobile structures provide protective functions. 

They will nicely do as temporary protection of sensitive equipment during street performances. Coffee shops and restaurants owners use tents to create comfortable area in the open air.

Retail Tents for Trading

Market tents are an easy, convenient and beneficial way to arrange a sales outlet in any environment. The manufacturing technology enables to produce dismountable constructions of different sizes and colors. Only high quality durable cloth is used for tent manufacturing, it can be painted almost any color. 

Any image or high quality inscriptions can be put on the cloth of customized fair tents. The tent is waterproof and does not loose color with time. 

Upon the customer’s request, our company can manufacture any nonstandard customized equipment for retail purposes.


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