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Do you have a tennis court or football playground, or any other outdoor sports facility? Do you want to arrange it to work all year round? The tent will protect your turf and sports equipment from wind, hail, rain and other factors. These tents can be rented out all year round that means which means increasing your profit!

Tents for courts will allow you to comfortably organize any sports events irrespective of weather and it will make your main facility look beautiful, stylish, original and modern. 

RoyalTent company has wide experience in manufacturing and selling of tents and it offers acquire really decent, spacious and reliable products. We work with the best tent cloth manufacturers (Germany). All products are certified and fully meet the required safety standards. We give a guarantee of 3 years on the operation of our court covers and all tent structures.

Sports tents manufactured by our company can have different shapes, decoration and sizes. Therefore, each of our customers will easily find the suitable option depending on individual preferences, budget, purpose and objectives.


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