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Arabic Majlis tents

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Arabic Majlis Tents rental in UAE

The most suitable substitute for a big hall that is used for celebration of different occasions is a tent. There are many shapes sizes and materials of tents available all over the world but Arabian tents are known across the globe for their variety and use and last but not the least their beauty and stylish arrangements.

Al majlis is a unique type of Arabian tents that is very commonly used in private residences to extend a building temporarily. This tent rightly seems to be an extension of a building due to the use of colors that complement the original building of a house. Mostly the material used in the making of these tents is steel and PVC material that is durable and has the power to withstand all types of weathers.

Arabic Majlis Tent is the Traditional Tent in UAE and all Arab countries; it combines the styles of Arab glorious past and advanced future. These are skillfully created to reflect its magnificent patterns revealing the most beautiful color combinations at lift up the ambience of your Majlis area.

RoyalTent Company is specialized in manufacturing amazing Majlis tents for its customers across UAE and the Middle East. Our Arabic style of Majlis tents enhances the natural beauty of the Arabian style furniture.


Structure and Colors

Arabic Majlis Tents are available in different measurements and customized shapes so they can be installed at any place even those shapes that are considered out of the ordinary and for specific tastes.

Exterior of the Arabic Majlis tent can be as desired by the customer, as our company can manufacture a special customized tents upon the customer’s request in any form and color.

Exterior of Arabic Tents can be same as traditional black & white stripes. Tents & Shades can blend the classic exterior into washable PVC in different colors as well. Arabic Majlis tent can have different designs & shapes.

The Advantages of Arabic Majlis Tents:

  • Durable materials and Weather-Resistant;
  • Magnificent colors;
  • High quality PVC fabric;
  • Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble;
  • Comfortable stay for guests;
  • Affordable price.

RoyalTent Company is a leading tent manufacturing company in the UAE that has made a variety of tents that are used for different types of events and are liked by thousands of people in the UAE itself and if some outsider happens to see it erected he might get confused about it being a tent and not a hall. In fact, the Arabian style of tents is in trend nowadays and people from other started using tents that are made by RoyalTent Company. 

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