Installation of tents and awning structures

RoyalTent company provides full range of high quality services for installation of tents structures at any level of complexity. A special trained and skilled team with 5 of our best specialists will carry out all the work, and in case if necessary, we will use lifting hoists and cranes.

Our experts will:

  • Check the conformity of project site and the convenience of its placement;
  • Choose the type of fastenings depending on the intended surfaces: concrete, asphalt, grass, soil;
  • Install the metal frame, providing the assembly of all elements;
  • Will cover the structure with the required tent fabric covering: ridged, roofing and walls;
  • Control the quality of the performed work;
  • Fix the identified deficiencies.

Tent – is a highly mobile structure that is easy and quick to assembly and disassembly. RoyalTent company carries out all the required work concerning dismantling, maintenance and repair of the tent. Thanks to our qualified specialists, we can guarantee the quality and strict adherence to deadlines for all projects.